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Surrey Coaches treated to masterclass from Murray’s Strength and Conditioning Coach

Matt Little – Strength and Conditioning Coach for Team Murray, provided a presentation on the importance of S & C and how coaches should be factoring it in to their programmes. There was an emphasis on coaches measuring and monitoring the load that tennis players are put under during their training sessions.

Matt used Andy’s training to highlight how the demands of the game have changed. A key message was that strength and conditioning of players should be starting from a young age and time should be set aside to build up the balance, stability and strength of our up and coming players. This was then demonstrated on court through a couple of movement screening exercises. Finally the Surrey Coaches got to see the impact of wearable technology. During a game of Swedish Handball, 2 coaches got to use the wearable technology whilst the other coaches analysed the data that was coming in showing how much load was going through their body. Matt’s belief is that data and information can be used to educate our coaches and players to maximise performance and minimise injury. A big thank you to Matt for a great day and we hope to do further CPD with him in the future.

If you are a Surrey Coach who wants to access this kind of CPD and is currently not a member, click here to join today.

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