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The History of Strawberries and Cream

As we are all aware, this would have been the first day of Wimbledon 2020. Although we are desperately sad to not be watching our favourite grass court event, we thought Surrey Tennis could bring some Wimbledon themed trivia and history to you all!

We thought for our first edition of 'Surrey on Wimby' we would focus on a very delicious partnership...strawberries and cream!

Last year’s Wimbledon saw a whopping 191,930 portions consumed but not many know the full history of how they became a stable of the Championships.

The original combination of strawberries and cream is credited to one of Henry VIII’s most trusted advisors, Cardinal Wolsey who was a hugely influential man in Henry’s court.

Cardinal Wolsey later became known as Lord Chancellor, and was tasked with throwing grand balls and feasts for Henry’s friends, family and associates. Due to the enormous number of people that would be dining at Hampton Court each day it was imperative that the staff could offer an uncooked desert that was still delicious!

It was here that the strawberry and cream combination was born!

It is important to remember that at this time, dairy was considered food for the poor so to have it served for a king would have been unthinkable! However, as is still the case now, when people of power decide they like something, it does have a habit of becoming fashionable!

The 16th century saw the beginning of selectively enhancing attributes in the strawberries, making them as sweet, plump and juicy as possible.

The year that Wimbledon first took place (1877), strawberries were very sought after and although were seasonal for just a few weeks each year, Wimbledon happened to fall right in the middle of peak season!

So it was thanks to a forward thinking Lord and a bit of chance weather that created one of the most iconic partnerships in tennis and sport history...Wimbledon and strawberries and cream.

Surrey Tennis.


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