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Wigmore held its AGM virtually!

In these tough times for clubs, when we heard that Wigmore LTC had held their AGM virtually, we thought it would be great to hear from their Membership Secretary, Louise McKerchar to find out how it went! Hopefully other clubs may find it useful.

"Like all tennis clubs, Wigmore has had to close its facilities during the Covid-19 lockdown. We had planned to hold our AGM on Saturday 28th March and felt that despite the lockdown we needed to go ahead with the meeting to get membership approval for the budget and plans to upgrade our floodlights to LEDs later in the year. There are a variety of videoconferencing options available such as Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting to name a few (all offer free or paid services).

We chose GoToMeeting for our AGM and sent a link out to all members by email, on our website and in our booking system inviting them to attend. Our Constitution allows for proxy votes so we made sure all members were sent the AGM Agenda and all of the papers a couple of weeks before the meeting, along with a proxy form for them to complete and return by e-mail. We received over 60 forms back and were happy to have a good number of members participating in the virtual AGM as well. The meeting host shared the AGM PowerPoint presentation via their screen so that members were able to follow it. Participants were invited to propose or second agenda items by writing in the ‘comment’ box and could also submit any additional comment, questions, thanks, claps, congratulations etc there.

The Management Committee spoke to give their various presentations and members could also chime in with comments/questions if they wanted to voice an opinion. While it wasn’t the meeting we had originally planned (which had been an afternoon of social tennis followed by the AGM, and then a BBQ and the Wimbledon ballot draw), and despite a few teething problems of some people finding it difficult to join, overall everyone thought that the virtual meeting had gone very well. So, if your club generally holds its AGM around now, its still possible to do it in this time of lockdown – and a good way to still be able to engage with your members.

We hope that is helpful to other clubs who may be facing similar situation!


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